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Why do we still use a vintage mixing console when you can just bounce your mix down inside a computer?

Digital mixing just adds up numbers and in larger mixes this often results in a muddy, cluttered mix with poor stereo width and a very 2 dimensional and flat sound.

Analogue mixing turns each of your audio stems back into a natural flowing of electrons and lets the laws of physics do the complicated mathematics.

By going analogue in the mix process we achieve a much more cohesive gluing and refining of the mix, usually with stereo imaging that puts you right there inside the music. An analogue mix always feels more natural, spacious and alive when compared to a digital rendering.

In addition to our console, we also use a wide range of outboard valve EQ's, compressors, FX units and, if required, can supplement your mix stems with a variety of additional digital plug-ins from UAD, Eventide, Soundtoys etc.

Individual audio mix stems can be supplied in any uncompressed digital format (24bit / 44.1kHz or higher recommended). Stems must all be sync'd to the same start location.