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Audio mastering is a post production process that takes your stereo mix and adds the finishing touches ready for distribution.

Today, a lot of this work is done solely inside a computer using software plug-ins. Now while a lot of hit records have been done this way… to us it often results in a fairly sterile sounding record or one with too much digital gain boosting and compression which can sound quite harsh on the ears, especially if you want people to play your music loud.

Our approach is to bring in a lot of valve characteristic using hand-built custom equipment, superior vintage valve stock from companies such as Mullard and attention to detail in the studio power and audio cabling.

Masters through our equipment are naturally compressed, brimming with detail, deep, warm, punchy… but most of all, sound beautiful to the ears.

We think our results speak for themselves and you can hear the process at work on our Soundcloud page.

Stereo audio mixes for mastering can be supplied in any uncompressed digital format (24bit / 44.1kHz or higher recommended) or as 1/4" stereo reel-to-reel (7½ or 15ips)